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As Dr. Bruce Banner’s exposure to gamma-radiation led to the creation of the Incredible Hulk, Betty Shamieh’s exposure to toxic levels of gamma-racism has led to the creation of Baheeeya.  An impulsive and emotional creature, Baheeeya is triggered by stressors including but not limited to: the impotence of truly progressive movements in America, impotence in general, the fact that few people seem aware that we’re a country at war, economic censorship of radical artists, and the fact that straight men in New York as a whole have not mastered the art and/or science of properly asking a person out on a date.  Baheeeya has demanded her own performance lecture to explicate the importance of celebrating the monster within.   
Developed with support from New York Theatre Workshop, the Hip Hop Theatre Festival, New Dramatists, Dartmouth College’s Hopkins Center for the Arts, Voice & Vision, and Yale University’s American Studies program/Ezra Stiles College.
Written and performed (but not authorized) by Betty Shamieh.  Directed by Lisa Peterson.  Video design by Grant McDonald.  Sound by Amy Altadonna.
This work-in-progress is currently being presented at universities.  To book an engagement, contact
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