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Malvolio is a comedic sequel to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  It’s wartime.  A lowborn steward, Malvolio, becomes a celebrated general in the King of Illyria’s army.  Mavolio and his brave soldiers, the Legion of the Cross-Gartered, defeat the fearsome Barbarian Empire.  He returns home to seek vengeance on a cast of characters who tormented him with practical jokes when he was still a servant.  Volina, the serious-minded teenage daughter of Duke Orsino and Duchess Viola, falls madly in love with Malvolio.  He believes the beautiful girl is mocking him with her ardent displays of passion for him, vowing never to be fooled by anyone again.  Volina tries to teach Malvolio how success – and a young lover - is always the best revenge.
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