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MALVOLIO is an irreverent comedy and sequel to Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT. It’s wartime. A lowborn steward, Malvolio, has risen to the rank of general.  He is determined to seek vengeance on a cast of characters who tormented him twenty years earlier.  Malvolio encounters Volina, the daughter of Duke Orsino and Duchess Viola.  Dismayed by the apathy of her fellow nobles, Volina tries to pass as male to join the war effort.  When she falls in love with him, Malvolio is sure her ardent displays of unbridled passion and awkward love letters must be a trick.  How do we get past each other’s defenses?  Can the right kind of love heal all wounds? MALVOLIO explores the difference between revenge and redemption.

World Premiere at the Classical Theatre of Harlem as part of their annual Uptown Shakespeare in the Park at the Richard Rodgers Amphitheatre (July 2023). Co-directed by Ian Belknap and Ty Jones. Choreography by Dell Howlett. 
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